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Here below is a list of books and other media in my ever-growing tea library.  Over time, I will gradually be adding some annotations to the resources on this list.

History & Memoir
Tea in Art & Literature

Entertaining With Tea
Tea Party Recipes, Tea Cocktail Recipes, Tea-Infused Recipes
Spiritual and Meditative Aspects of Tea
Children’s Books
Tea Quotes, Poetry, and Trivia
Tea Etiquette
Gift Books Including Small Format Tea Books
Other Infused Beverages
On Related Topics


Beckwith, Sebastian. A Little Tea Book: All the Essentials from Leaf to Cup. New York: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2018.

Dusinberre, Deke, trans. The Book of Tea. Paris: Flammarion, 1992.

Heiss, Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss. The Story of Tea: A Cultural History and Drinking Guide. Berkley, California: Ten Speed Press, 2007.

Knight, Elizabeth. Celtic Teas With Friends: Teatime Traditionsfrom Cornwall, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Perryville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2008.

Lovelace, Virginia Utermohlen. Three Basic Teas & How to Enjoy Them. Chlemsford, Massachusetts: VU Books, 2017. See Review Here.

Mariage Freres. The French Art of Tea. France: Mariage Freres, 2004.

Mitscher, Lester A. and Victoria Dolby. The Green Tea Book: China’sFountain of Youth. New York: Avery Publishing Group, 1998.

Pettigrew, Jane. Design for Tea: Tea Wares from the Dragon Court to Afternoon Tea. Phoenix Mill: Sutton Publishing, Ltd., 2003.

Pettigrew, Jane. The Tea Companion: A Connoisseur’s Guide. New York: MacMillan, 1997.

Pettigrew, Jane and Bruce Richardson. The New Tea Companion: A Guide to TeasThroughout the World. 3rd ed. Danville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2015.

Pratt, James Norwood. New Tea Lover’s Treasury. San Francisco: Publishing Technology Associates, 1999.

Richardson, Lisa Boalt. Modern Tea: AFresh Look at an Ancient Beverage. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2014.

Rosen, Diana. The Book of Green Tea. Massachusetts, Storey Books, 1998.

Rosen, Diana. Steeped In Tea: Creative Ideas, Activities & Recipes for Tea Lovers. Vermont: Storey Books, 1999.

Sangmanee, Kitti Cha, Catherine Donzel, Stephane Melchoir-Durant, and Alain Stella. The Little Book of Tea. France: Flammarion, 2001.

Tenison, Marika Hanbury, ed. Book of Afternoon Tea. London: David & Charles, 1980.

History & Memoir:

Ellis, Markman, Richard Coulton and Matthew Mauger. Empire of Tea: The AsianLeaf That Conquered the World. London: Reaktion Books, Ltd., 2015.

Faulkner, Rupert, ed., Tea East & West. London: V&A Publications, 2003.

Forrest, D. M. A Hundred Years of Ceylon Tea: 1867-1967. London: Chatto & Windus, 1967.

Goodwin, Jason. A Time for Tea: Travels Through China and India in Search of Tea. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1991.

Griffiths, John. Tea: The Drink That Changed the World. London: Andre Deutsch, 2007.

Gustafson, Helen. The Agony of the Tea Leaves: The Ecstasy ofMy Life with Tea. New York: Henry Holt and Co., 1996.

Hohenegger, Beatrice. Liquid Jade: The Story of Tea from East toWest. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2006.

Hoyt, Scott Chamberlin. The Meaning of Tea: A Tea Inspired Journey. New York: Talking Leaves Press, 2009.

Lovell, Henrietta. Infused: Adventures in Tea. London: Faber & Faber, 2019.

Martin, Laura. Tea: The Drink That Changed the World. Vermont: Tuttle Publishing, 2007.

Masset, Claire. Tea and Tea Drinking. Oxford: Shire Publications, 2010.

McCormick, Malachi. A Decent Cup of Tea. New York: Clarkson Potter, 1991. See Review Here.

Moxham, Roy. Tea: Addiction, Exploitation, and Empire. New York: Carroll & Graf, 2003.

Pettigrew, Jane and Bruce Richardson. A Social History of Tea: Tea’s Influenceon Commerce, Culture & Community. Danville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2014.

Pettigrew, Jane. A Social History of Tea. London: National Trust Enterprises Ltd., 2001.

Roth, Rodris. Tea Drinking in 18th Century America: Its Etiquette andEquipage. Vancouver, Washington: Tea Trade Mart Publishing Co., 2017.

Smith, Michael. The Afternoon Tea Book. New York: MacMillan, 1986.

Standage, Tom. “Tea and the British Empire.” In A History of the World in 6Glasses. Pages 171-220. New York: Bloomsbury, 2005.

Ukers, William H. The Romance of Tea: Tea & Tea DrinkingThrough Sixteen Hundred Years. Danville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2017.

Whitaker, Jan. Tea at the Blue Lantern Inn: A Social History of the Tea Room Craze inAmerica. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2002.

Tea in Art and Literature:

Hohenegger, Beatrice, ed. Steeped in History: The Art of Tea. Los Angeles, California: Fowler Museum Publications Department at UCLA, 2009.

Wilson, Kim. Tea with Jane Austen. Madison, Wisconsin: Jones Books, 2004.

Entertaining With Tea:

Adoree, Angel. The Vintage Tea Party Year. New York: Octopus Publishings Group, 2013.

Adoree, Angel. The Vintage Tea Party Book. New York: Octopus Publishing Group, 2011.

Foley, Tricia. Having Tea: Recipes & Table Settings. New York: Clarkson N. Potter, 1987.

Richardson, Lisa Boalt. Tea With a Twist: Entertaining and Cookingwith Tea. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 2009.

Tea Party Recipes, Tea Cocktail Recipes, Tea-Infused Recipes:

Blake, Susannah. Afternoon Tea. New York: Ryland Peters & Small, 2006.

Edelmann, Anton. Taking Tea at the Savoy. London: Pavilion Books, 1999.

Gehring, Abigail. Tea Cocktails: A Mixologist’s Guide toLegendary Tea-Infused Cocktails. New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2014.

Gold, Cynthia and Lise Stern. Culinary Tea.: More than 100 Recipes Steeped in Tradition from Around theWorld. Philadelpha, Pennsylvania: Running Press, 2010.

Isles, Joanna. A Proper Tea. New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1990.

King, M. Dalton. Special Teas. New York: Kenan Books, Inc., 1992.

Mackley, Lesley. The Book of Afternoon Tea. New York: HPBOOKS, 1992.

Ripps, Jennie and Maria Littlefield. Wise Cocktails: Owl’s Brew Guide to Crafting& Brewing Tea-Based Beverages. New York: Rodale, 2015.

Wemischner, Robert and Diana Rosen. Cooking with Tea. Boston: Periplus Editions, 2000.

Zijderveld, Annelies. Steeped: Recipes Infused With Tea. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2015.

Spiritual and Meditative Aspects of Tea:

Fisher, Aaron. Tea Medicine. Global Tea Hut, 2014.

Fisher, Aaron. The Way of Tea: Reflections on a Life with Tea. North Clarendon, Vermont: Tuttle Publishing, 2010.

Murphy, Frank Hadley. The Spirit of Tea. Santa Fe: Sherman Asher Publishing, 2008.

Okakura, Kakuzo. The Book of Tea. (Modern edition of a classic work of 1906) Boston, Massachusetts: Shambhala Publications, Inc., 2001.

Okakura, Kakuzo. The Book of Tea. (Modern edition of a classic work of 1906) Danville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2013.

Richardson, Shelley. Looking Deeply Into Tea: Thoughts and Prayers. Perryville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2005. See review here.

Rosen, Diana. Meditations with Tea: Paths to Inner Peace. New York: Citadel Press, 2004. See review here.

Sen, Soshiysu. Tea Life, Tea Mind. New York: Weatherhill, 1979.

Stoddard, Alexandra. Tea Celebrations: The Way to Serenity. New York: William Morrow & Co., 1994.

Children’s Books:

Dunnewind, Stephanie. Come to Tea: Fun Tea Party Themes, Recipes,Crafts, Games, Etiquette and More. New York: Sterling Publishing Co., 2002.

Napier, Tanja. The Totally Tea-riffic Tea Party Book. New York: Barron’s Educational Series, 2002.

Tate, Lindsey. Teatime with Emma Buttersnap. New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1998.

Tea Quotes, Poetry, and Trivia:

Dexter, Pearl, comp. Tea Poetry. Scotland, Connecticut: Olde English Tea Company, Inc., 2003.

Dowling, Marylu, Faith Morgan and Ellen Galford. Jasmine Nights &Monkey Pluck: Love, Discovery and Tea. Sebastopol, California: Floreant Press, 2002.

Holt, Geraldene. A Cup of Tea: Treasures for Teatime. London: Pavilion Books, 1991.

Harvest House Publishers. 365 Things Every Tea Lover Should Know. Eugene, Oregon: Harvest House Publishers, 2008.

Pannunzio, Lu Ann. Tea-Spiration: Inspirational Words for TeaLovers. Mango Media, Inc., 2016.

Tea Etiquette:

Burns, Emily. Tea and Manners: Etiquette and Receipts for Victorian Teas. self published, 2014.

Johnson, Dorothea. Tea & Etiquette: Taking Tea for Businessand Pleasure. Sterling, Virginia: Capital Books, 1998.

Johnson, Dorothea and Bruce Richardson. Tea & Etiquette: TakingTea for Business and Pleasure. 2nd ed. Danville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2013.

Johnson, Dorothea, John Harney and Ann Noyes. Children’s Tea &Etiquette: Brewing Good Manners in Young Minds. Perryville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2006.

Travel Guides:

Niles, Bo and Veronica McNiff. The New York Book of Tea: Where to Take Teaand Buy Tea & Teaware. New York: City & Company, 1997.

Pettigrew, Jane and Bruce Richardson. Tea in the City: Paris. Perryville, Kentucky: Benjamin Press, 2007.


The Meaning of Tea. Directed by Scott Chamberlin Hoyt. New York: Tea Dragon Films, 2009.

Gift Books Including Small Format Tea Books:

Birkhead, Mary Grace. Teacups Full of Treasures: Let the Names ofGod Be Your Source of Strength. Nashville: Integrity Publishers, 2006.

Bigelow, David, William Barclay Hall and Eunice Bigelow.  Charleston Tea Plantation: America’s Tea Garden. Wadmalaw Island, South Carolina: Charleston Tea Gardens, LLC., 2000.

Ellis, Hattie. A Passion for Tea. New York: Ryland Peters and Small, 2006.

Engelbreit, Mary. Time for Tea: A Book about Tea. Kansas City: Andrews McMeel Publishings, 1997.

Glover, Brian. A Taste of Tea. New York: Ryland Peters and Small, 2007.

King, M. Dalton. Tea Time: Tradition, Presentation, and Recipes. Philadelphia: Running Press, 1992.

Mitchell, Patricia B. Victorian Parlors and Tea Parties. Published by the author, 2013.

Rivers, Michele. Time for Tea: Tea and Conversation with Thirteen English Women. New York: Crown Publishers, Inc., 1995.

Walker, Francis S. Irish Teatime Recipes: Traditional Cakes from the Emerald Isle. England: J. Salmon Ltd., 2012.

Other Infused Beverages:

Hudson, Charles M., ed. Black Drink: A Native American Tea. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 1979.

On Related Topics:

Clark, Garth. The Eccentric Teapot. New York: Abbeville Publishing Group, 1989.

Highland Seer. Tea Leaf Reading. Harvey Press, 1993.

Robins, Nick. The Corporation That Changed the World: How the East India CompanyShaped the Modern Multinational. London: Pluto Press, 2012.

Tannahill, Reay. Foodin History. New York: Crown Trade Paperbacks, 1988.

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