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Hello! I am Lynn Weekes Karegeannes, a tea lover. Tea books, history, art, and culture inspire me to want to know more. In fact, you might say that I am coming to see the world through the lens of tea.

I also drink tea throughout the day, every day. Each morning begins with a strong black tea, and then my teapot shifts to lighter black teas, oolong, white or green teas, and herbal tisanes as the day moves along.  

My educational background in art history and library science influences the way my tea passion is made manifest.  For example, I have an extensive library of books about tea history, culture, and throwing tea parties. You will find reviews of these books on the blog as I make my way through this library. Thanks to my experience with art historical research, you will find posts on tea ceramics, tea silver, and paintings of people taking tea. And I combine my interest in craft with tea by creating tea-themed art and craft projects. Those of you who are DIY enthusiasts will enjoy these blog posts.

I completed Elmwood Inn Fine Teas Tea 101 Masterclass in September of 2018.

Please send me a note or leave a comment if this blog inspires you to do so!  You can reach me at:


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