Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tea in Art Blog Series

I am planning a series of blog posts on the topic of tea and art.  “What is tea and art,” you might ask.  In my mind “tea and art” could refer to any number of topics.  So this series will include a number of blog posts. Some topics I plan to touch on in this series will be: tea used as an art medium, tea paraphernalia used as art medium (such as in assemblage art), tea lovers who make art, and tea and its accoutrements used as a theme in works of art.

To begin this series of blog posts about tea and art I will start with a piece of art done myself. In fact, I completed this piece just this morning.  I love tea and I also enjoy making things. So my most recent piece is a mosaic mirror that I have titled “Tea Time.” You see it pictured here.

I have lined up interviews with a number of contemporary artists who use “tea in art.”  Some of the artists you will read about in future blog posts are Mari Omori, Jen Crickenberger, Jennifer Coyne-Qudeen, and Michele Brody.  I am looking forward to sharing the work of these talented artists with you, my tea loving readers.

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