Friday, February 7, 2020

My Mosaic Teapot

Most people think of mosaics as being made up of flat tiles or pieces of glass.  But thanks to my friend, Debra Mager, I have learned that there exists a huge world of mosaic types to be discovered. I have taken a couple of classes with Debra at her Debra Mager Mosaics studio in Asheville. This mosaic teapot is the result of techniques I learned in those two classes.

I wanted to create a three-dimensional decorative mosaic teapot, so I took Debra's "Birds and Other Creatures" workshop after taking the "Jeweled Mosaic Mirrors" workshop. (The "Jeweled Mosaic Mirrors" is also available as an online course.)  You can see the tea-themed details that I incorporated into the mosaic here below. One side of the teapot features a camellia sinensis style flower as its focal piece. The other side features a medallion reflecting the amber colored brew of a black tea. And the lid carries tea leaves surrounded by green tea colored beading.

I cannot resist including a couple of "location" shots of my creation here in the house. So bear with me as I include Huck, the trusty guard dog and then my mosaic teapot perched in front of the cozy fireplace.

I will not use this teapot to brew tea.  The lid is glued shut and the teapot is attached to its pedestal.  But this creation will stand as a small sculptural homage to my love of tea.

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  1. Beautiful!!! I want to learn to make mosaics someday!!


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