Monday, December 31, 2018

2015 Nuo Mi Pu-Erh from Harney & Sons

Pu-erh is a type of tea that is relatively new to me, but ancient in its origins. Wanting me to branch out in my tea explorations, my husband gave me a tin of the 2015 Nuo Mi Pu-Erh from Harney & Sons as one of my many tea-related Christmas gifts. I am drinking this pu-erh as I write and am enjoying the third infusion of this rich, earthy brew.  Take a look at the Harney & Sons website to see a range of tasting notes on this tea along with recommended brewing methods and times.

Pu-erh originated in the Yunnan province of China thousands of years ago. It has a history that is closely entwined with that of the tea trade between China and other nations. The story goes that this tea was originally compressed into bricks or other shapes for easier transport. At some points in its history the compressed tea "bricks" were used as a form of currency.

Today, we classify Pu-erh in the category of "dark" teas which are fermented and aged, as opposed to solely oxidized, teas. According to the Yunnan government's definition, pu-erh is tea that must be made with a certain large leaf variety of camellia sinensis grown within a certain geographic region.

The drinking of Pu-erh, like many other teas, is reputed to carry health benefits.  Take a look at this WebMD article for a brief overview of such health benefits which include weight loss and improved LDL cholesterol levels.

My take away from this experience with brewing and drinking pu-erh is that it is a tea as complex in flavor as it is in its history and production.

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