Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tea Tasting from Tea Time Magazine

Today, Jessie Dean of the Asheville Tea Company, Jill Wasilewski of Ivory Road Cafe and Kitchen, and I got together to taste five teas that we had recently read about in Tea Time magazine.  In the July/ August 2018 issue of this magazine, you will find an article entitled "15 Teas Every Tea Lover Should Taste."  We gathered to taste five of the black teas recommended in this article.

The five teas we tasted, pictured here below from left to right, are:
1) Darjeeling Wonder Tea from chadotea.com
2) Himalayan Golden Black Tea from nepaliteatraders.com
3) China Cangyuan Yunnan Organic Black Tea from svtea.com
4) Keemun Mao Feng Imperial Black Tea from globalteamart.com
5) Nilgiri 6892 from chadotea.com

Jessie and I found the Keemun from global tea mart to be our favorite tea of the five.  The tea had a slightly roasted or smoky flavor that paired beautifully with the pistachio nuts that we had on the table.  Jill preferred the Yunnan black tea from Simpson & Vail.  All five of the teas were smooth and refined.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Tea Cup Fairy Gardens

I had such fun creating these tea cup fairy gardens this weekend.  I created most of the miniature elements from scratch, so the cost of putting them together was minimal.  I will give more detailed instructions here on Tuesday as a part of my series "Tea Craft Tuesdays."

Tea Cup Fairy Garden

Tea Cup Gnome Garden

Tea Cup Magic Garden

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