Thursday, May 17, 2018

Blooming or Flowering Tea

Blooming or Flowering Teas are an art form originally from China. Each creation is made up of tea leaves hand tied around one or more flowers. The leaves and flowers are formed into a pod or bulb shape and are then set aside to dry.  When boiling water is poured over the pod, it unfurls to reveal a beautiful flower-like creation. This is an art form that requires time and contemplation - and a glass teapot or cup.

The two flowering teas I am highlighting here are "Seven Sons Congratulating" and "Dancing Snowflakes" both from Harney & Sons teas.  This first flowering tea pictured below is "Seven Sons Congratulating."  You see that once the pod opens you have a beautiful dark pink flower surrounded by a ring of white and a second outer ring of tea leaves.

The second tea pictured here below is "Dancing Snowflakes."  As the pod unfurls in hot water, tiny white flecks of flower rise to the top of the pot.  - thus giving this particular artful tea its name.

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