Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tea Craft Tuesday: Tea Bag Christmas Tree

This craft project idea has been around the web for a while now.  With a quick search, I found it here and here.  It is a cute idea, so I decided to give it a try myself. 

I did not have a great deal of time to work on this project, so I used a small, 6 inch tall foam cone as the base rather than opting for a larger cone as the base for the tree.  And indeed, I completed this project very quickly.

Materials used:
-6 inch foam cone
-individually wrapped tea bags (I chose red and green.)
-hot glue gun with glue sticks
-a scrap of ribbon to wrap around the top of the tree
-a small plastic star

1) Starting at the bottom of the tree, use your hot glue to glue tea bags around the base, flush with the bottom of the cone.  I first glued green bags and then glued red bags to overlap and cover the open spaces between the green bags.
2) Glue the next row of tea bags above that, overlapping the top of the row below.  Continue gluing on tea bags until you reach the top of the cone.
3) I had a gap around the top of my cone, so I covered it with a piece of red ribbon.
4) Next, stick a toothpick in the top center of the cone and add a finishing touch to the top.  This final element could be a star, a ribbon or any small and decorative item you have on hand.

My follow up thoughts:
The tea bags were a bit stiff and bulky to work with, so I wonder what it would look like to create this project with empty tea bag wrappers.  In this case, the tree would, of course, be only decorative.  But I really would not want to tear apart one of these trees to use the tea bags anyway!  Would you take apart one of these trees to use the teabags?  Thoughts?

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