Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tea Craft Tuesday: Tea Tin Planters

I had a large, root-bound plant that needed to be divided.  So I decided to take the plant apart and re-pot it into tea tins.  As you see in the photo, this particular plant may be a bit large for tea tins, but I am satisfied with the way it looks.  You could use your tea tins as cache pots - meaning you would place plants in small plastic pots inside your tea tins. The tea tin would hide (cache) the unattractive plastic pot.  However for this project I decided to turn the tea tins into planters.

1) Drill a hole in the base of each tea tin.
2) Place a scoop of pea gravel into the bottom of your tea tin.
3) Fill the remainder of the space in the tea tin with your plant and potting mix.
4) Water thoroughly and let drain before placing your plant-filled tins on a decorative tray.

I have seen this project done with herbs which creates a lovely tea-themed herb garden.  I have also seen tea tins used as the pot for flowering bulbs.

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  1. Great use for old tins! I've recently become obsessed with succulents and definitely see myself potting them in tins as my collection grows.


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