Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Oliver Pluff & Company, Charleston, SC

My family and I spent a delightful Easter weekend in Charleston, South Carolina these past few days. While there I discovered the local tea importer and blender, Oliver Pluff & Company.  I was thrilled at this discovery and came home with a stash of new tea, which you see pictured above.  Oliver Pluff & Company provides tea to many historical sites throughout the United States.  They differentiate themselves from other tea companies with their emphasis on historical accuracy of their tea blends and their dedication to the dissemination of tea-related history.  Just take a look at all of the great historical information on their website!

Here is their mission statement as it appears on their website:
Oliver Pluff & Company creates early American tea, coffee, and spice blends for historical and gourmet markets.  We believe that people with a passion for history are enriching their lives, and that the exploration of history gives people a sense of belonging.Our mission is to connect people to American heritage through historic beverages. 

I am thrilled at this new Charleston discovery, and know that I will be seeking out Oliver Pluff & Company tea on each of my return visits to the "holy city."

(For a great interview with Kyle Brown, Founder of Oliver Pluff & Company follow this link.)

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  1. Lovely post. Thank you for linking to my interview! I look forward to reading more about your tea journey!


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